WSOP:BFTB is the third game in the World Series of Poker collection. The game focuses on a young poker star as he tackles Amateur and Pro Tournaments in an attempt to make it to the Main Event in Las Vegas.


The Front End design for the third World Series of Poker game revolved around a cool, classy look. The background consisted of dark blues and blacks in contrast to the bright white and orange text. I used traditional poker symbols like spades and hearts as animated background elements as well as building them into certain menu layouts.

One of the lessons learned from the previous WSOP game was that not all players were familiar with the Poker terminology that we used. Wherever possible, I included help text to let the player know exactly what a specific menu option would do. This was particularly helpful on "Options" menus where a single setting could completely change the way the game played out.


The biggest change to the HUD in WSOP:BFTB was the inclusion of a new split-screen mode. In an attempt to better recreate the feeling of the television show, we implemented a system that would change the HUD depending on the in-game situation. There was a standard view that showed a shot of the main table as well as a close-up of the active player. The HUD layout could then shift to a two or three person heads-up view. Additionally there was the inclusion of a new in-game help system that featured video pop-ups of different professionals giving advice on the player's current situation.